Calcium - Phosphate Compatibility Calculator
Volume of fluid in bag ml  
KPO4 meq per bag  
NaPO4 meq per bag  
KPO4 mmol per bag  
NaPO4 mmol per bag  
Mmol of Phosphate in bag mmol = mmol/L
Meq of Calcium in bag meq = meq/L
Maximum Amounts of Calcium and Phosphate for this TPN are the following:
Calcium meq/L
Phosphate mmol/L
**This is only applicable for calcium gluconate. Calcium chloride is 
more likely to precipitate with phosphate than calcium gluconate.
**Calcium and phosphate should not be added close in sequence
when making a TPN.  
**The longer the TPN sits at room temperature, the more likely you will have precipitation.
Y = -0.455X + 2.951    
Y = LOG10 of the calcium gluconate concentration in mg/100ml
X = Phosphate concentration in mmol/100ml  
Trissel LA. Handbook on Injectable Drugs. 13th ed. Bethesda, MD: ASHP, 2005